LilyGo Lora32 Misconception seeking for solution

I am pulling my hair out. I am migrating from Domoticz to HAS and i need my Bofu Rollerblinds to work.
I have seen an video from the Swiss tech guy and i assumed the Lilygo Lora 32 could transceive codes to the rollerblind… But reading along the way it cant???

But can i add a C1101 to the port??on some pin to send codes??

Hi all

First of all i’m completely new in 443mhz/LoRa Hardware so i’m probably made many misconceptions.

I also have a very similar case as Jsutdigit. I needed a solution for control a relay for the underground garage door of my rented apartment. I bought the Lilygo 443 and a 443mhz LoRa relay vom makerfabs. (Lora Relay 30A Module| Makerfabs)
When i received the Lilygo i started to install OMG on it and realized that there is a list that said that the Lilygo can only receive. Is that true? Is there a way to expand the board to achieve what i intend to do?

What were you using to transmit when you used Domoticz?

Right as stated in the documentation you can’t send with the SX127X module and RTL_433 for now.

I would start with a barebone ESP32, this is not an easy setup, and adding the constraint of the existing LoRa module on the Lilygo will not help.


This is different, with LoRa demodulation we support receiving and sending.
In your case it would be mainly about identifying what the Makerfabs relay is expecting as a command and push it to the gateway: