Lilygo Lora32 T3 V1.6.1 - blank screen

I am new user. I both board Lilygo Lora32 T3 868/915 because I need for integration with HA and weatherstation.
I uploaded ttgo-lora32_868 through website. After finish screen is blank and I cannot find WIFI as next step for openmqttgateway.

Could you help me?

Welcome @johnny

The binary you uploaded is solely for LoRa communication, not for receiving the rtl_433 868MHz broadcasts from your weather station.

What you would need is an rtl_433 build, but with the frequency set to 868MHz and, depending on your weather station’s modulation, OOK set to true or false.

These 868MHZ and OOK modulation false builds are still being tested and not available as pre-built binaries at the moment. You would need a PlatformIO setup to create and upload you own environment and build at the moment, as discussed in

and similar threads on this forum.

Hope this helps.

OK. thanks.
I think that it will difficult for me to programming. I thinked that it is ready to use.