Lilygo-RTL-433 SSD1306 error

I am running OMG 1.5.0 on the Lilygo T3_V.1.6.1.
Everything works as expected, but there is an error in the log.
Maybe it’s inconsequential, maybe the developers want to iron it out.

************* WELCOME TO OpenMQTTGateway **************
N: SSD1306 config initialised
[ 137][E][Preferences.cpp:483] getString(): nvs_get_str len fail: SSD1306Config NOT_FOUND
N: No SSD1306 config to load
N: Setup SSD1306 Display end
N: OpenMQTTGateway Version: v1.5.0


No consequential, it will appear when you have not changed the ssd1306 config and saved, it.
We should catch the error in the code.

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Thanks for pointing this out @MennoLabs. Fixed with

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