LILYGO® TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 SX1276 868MHz CH9102

I have the LILYGO® TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 board and i would like to read the sensors of a Besser 7 in 1 (868MHz).

I have uploaded the lillygo_rtl_433 firmware from the web upload
then i tried to change the frequency using the command below in the web console but nothing happend. Is it possible to get this working with my hardware? if so, what do i need to do?

commands/MQTTtoRTL_433 {“mhz”:315.026}

The weather station:

The lora board


This device uses FSK encoding

The pre-built firmware of the v1.6.0 supports OOK decoding only, from this you have several possibilities:

Thanks for your reply. I can see that the pull request has been merged now. How do I install the nightly build?


You can install them from below:

Thanks for your help and the project.
I uploaded the liligo-rtl_433-fsk from the link above.
then I changed the frequency to 868.3 and after a restart, my weather station was recognized and data started coming through on MQTT!
it also picked up a BRESSER Thermo-/Hygro-Sensor 7 Channel 868 MHz inside sensor as a 6 in 1 Bresser weather station.

Thanks again!


then I changed the frequency to 868.3

how did you do that if I may ask?

I am using version b31706 of the firmware.
I can change the frequency by accessing the web interface and selecting
configuration → configure RF and typing in the correct frequency and hit save.


thank you I’ll try that