Lilygo Weather station

So I purchased a Lilygo RTL it came with paxcounter. I uploaded OMG and it worked fine
Then I decided I wanted to play with paxcounter so I used VSCode and Platformino to load it.
Now I am trying to go back to OMG. In VS code I did clean as will as pio erase
I have loaded OMG 3 times and it seems to load. I see it in devices.
But my LCD no longer shows anything nr does it appear to be getting my weather station anymore.

Any Ideas?

Hi @PapaLanc,

Which weather station did you see before and did its values also show up oin the screen?

Did you possibly get confused with the lolin (BLE - which shows up in your screenshot above) and lilygo (for rtl_433) environments?

Thanks for the prompt reply
Yes actually 2 screens I think one had temp and the other rain

Now I do not even get the first screen thats says whatever and your_password
i am installing Lilygo

but it shows lolin

I hit F5 on (Option 1) Upload from the web | OpenMQTTGateway v1.3.0

and selected lilygo again and now I see stuff on the lcd !!!

So likely a page cache issue in your browser which kept installing the Lolin binary :wink:

Glad you got it sorted. :+1:

Me too :slight_smile:
It’s working again

I meant to make a post about how easy and slick this is but never got around 2 it


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one thing that drives me nuts though is for this and an Ecowitt they give the rain in MM for some reason. I am an inches kind of guy

How about the km/h? :wink:

Off the top of my head I don’t know with rtl_433, but am sure that @NorthernMan54 or @1technophile have an answer for it.

They are also the ones responsible for the easy and slick implementation with the Heltec and LilyGo boards :slight_smile:

yea the wind is wrong also but this weather station has been outside a long time and the vanes do not spin freely so I have not been using it for that. I have another ambient weather that does wind but stinks on rain lol

If I got a 915mhz lilygo would it work on the acurite?

Personally my Acurite devices operate at 433 Mhz, so you would need the 433 Mhz version.

I was wrong, my other is Ambient weather ws-900-ip and it is 915mhz

I’m in the same boat. 915mhz on my Ambient Weather WS-2902. I’m looking at Aliexpress to find the right model Lilygo. I had bought This before I read the fine print on my weather station. It has a 915mhz variant available. But the LoRa32 chip is a V2 I think. Looking at the OMG firmware options. I don’t see a Lora v2 and 915 version. Only Lora V1 with 915mhz. Will this not work currently? If not, are there plans on getting it working? I know nothing of LoRa, but I’m fairly competent with your standard ESP chips.

I been digging around on this and it does not look like it will work anytime soon.
It appears that our 915mhz stuff uses FSK modulation which is not supported.

I could not find your device WS-2902 here, but most are rebranded Fineoffset WH1080’s. Well let me rephrase that. My rain/wind is a WH1080 and it comes with an indoor sensor Fineoffset WH32 and an Outdoor WH32b (I may have those backwards)

The list of devices used comes from here. You find your device and go to the bottom and mine say

r_device fineoffset_wh1080_fsk = {
        .name        = "Fine Offset Electronics WH1080/WH3080 Weather Station (FSK)",
        .modulation  = FSK_PULSE_PCM,

Here is where he says not supported.

OH, BTW, the Lora V1 build you are looking at does not have the RTL433 library, so I do not think even if you find a V1 it will work.

I guess we can just play with the PAXCOUNTER build with these boards. FWIW I also have an Acurate 5n1 and it works fine with the 433mhz board