Limit messages from RF gateway

I have seen the whitelist/blacklist capability for BLE gateways. I have not been able to find the same for RF gateways. Is there any way to only send messages from desired devices on the RF gateway? I have a large number of RF devices within range. I see a bunch of Interlogix Security, Skylink, and Acurite devices. While I’d like to read their weather station’s data, I would rather not have the other 1544 topics reported.


@Karl_S As you have found the ability to whitelist/blacklist does not exist for the RF protocols. This is something we have been discussing and may develop and include in a future release.

Filtering on RSSI levels is also not available for RF, correct? Not that it would help if I wanted to use the available weather station data, but if I used something of my own it would. So no filtering of RF at all at this time.

Can I add a +1 for whitelisting on RF?

I’m also seeing zillions of Interlogix-Security and Acurite-Tower devices in Homeassistant. I did set discovery false on my Lilygo device once I saw them appearing and manually deleted these spurious devices from Homeassistant but that’s a one-at-a-time operation so rather laborious and, despite being ‘deleted’, they seem to reappear.

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Is there someplace I can subscribe to so I am notified if/when the White/Black List capability is added to the RF Gateway? A Trello Board card or some other place? I am sorry to say that my RF Gateway is unplugged and not usable with it reporting all these topics.

Hello Karl

Is your issue related to the entities created in HA or/and to the messages received in the broker under home/ ?

I use HomeSeer as opposed to HAss and the plugin which I use for MQTT ends up saving all topics from the broker to a database. I believe it also takes each JSON Value and creates a separate record in the database for that. There were 141,380 records, of which about 4200 were of actual use and the rest were from the 1544 RF Topics sent by the gateway.

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I also have ~75 entities pulled into in my case Home Assistant and would like to be able to blacklist them by manufacturer if possible. In my case about 75 that I do not recognize and cannot trigger manually by changing things in the house.
I’ve been trying to avoid the @ruffle path for the reasons they mentioned.
So count this as a +1 as well to some ability to filter.
(Do you have a -feature request- process?)

For people using Home Assistant you can deactivate auto discovery through an MQTT command as suggested by @ruffle:

The next release will display a switch on the HA interface

This switch will behave like a pairing mode and automatically go to OFF after 30min from its last activation.

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