Live local BBQ Monitoring with the Theengs App

:fire: Introducing Live BBQ Monitoring in Theengs App: Grill Like a Pro! :fire:

We’re excited to announce the latest feature in Theengs App - Live BBQ Monitoring!


What’s New:

  • Real-Time Grill Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your food temperature with live updates. Perfect for ensuring your meats are cooked exactly how you like them.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set temperature thresholds and receive notifications when your food hits the right temperature.
  • Versatile Sensor Compatibility: Live BBQ Monitoring works seamlessly with a range of popular sensors, including Govee H5055, Inkbird IBT-2X(S), IBT-4X(S/C), IBT-6X(S), and SOLIS_6.
  • Easy-to-Read Charts: Visualize your food’s temperature over time with our intuitive live charts. Make adjustments on the fly and achieve grilling mastery.