Lock the gateway stop other devices joining

I set up the gateway today and sampled a switch working fine in Home assistant

But then had a raft of about 10 devices all join at once nextdoor just got home my guess is they have 433 devices

Aside from the temptation to make them think they are haunted I’d really like to stop this happening. Along the lines of the permit to join option on ZigBee2mqtt

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What exactly do you mean by joining? That your gateway is receiving 433 RF signals from your neighbours which you then see as MQTT messages, or joining in another way?

If you are also receiving RF messages from other devices than your own, that is completely normal, as the RF receiver is a passive receiver which picks up ANY 433 RF signals in the vicinity. Pretty much the same with the IR or BLE gateways.

With the latter, the BLE gateway, it is possible to set a white-list or a black-list, which then filters out the received devices to only create MQTT messages for the devices you want, my defining the Bluetooth MAC addresses.

For the RF gateway though there are no white-list/black-list options (yet) - anyone please correct me if I’m wrong here and there are already filtering options for protocols and such - as the unique identification of received RF signals is not as easily possible as with BT MAC addresses. The only thing I have found here so far is the leading digits of the value to correspond with some of my different RF devices.

So the only possibility for you might be to implement a filtering option on the receiving end of your RF gateway MQTT messages, to only consider messages relevant to your setup.

I hope I understood you correctly and the above is helpful.

Thanks for the reply
Probably didn’t make it clear enough

The bin file I downloaded supports home assistant auto discover so every mqtt message has created a new entity.

What I’d like to do is turn off auto discover

Only available with platformio though, not with bin files, AFAIK.

Are you using auto discovery for other software than OMG ?
If no you can deactivate at the integration level in HASS.

If yes i will encourage you to do a build yourself with platformio as proposed by DigiH.

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Thanks guys

I’ll compile the next one and have a play the Arduino IDE is an old staple of mine, just used a bin file for speed of testing.

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Just to update all is working moved off breadboard just need to print a case

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