Logitech Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom 2 battery level being advertised

Hi all,

I have two Boom 2 in my bathroom, and with them being IPX7 I like to listen to them when having a shower or a bath, but get really annoyed when in the middle of it the battery runs out and they turn off. I never manage to check the battery level in the UE app, so it always catches me :wink:

While browsing github I came across

which shows the gatttool command to connect and get the battery levels for the Boom 2. Comparing this to the already advertised manufacturerdata I found that the battery level is already there, without having to connect.


Positions 9,10 show the hex value of the battery level, and even better than the UE app itself, which does very generous rounding.

Now I just grab that substring and do a hex-decimal conversion in openHAB and have my battery levels regularly monitored, with an alarm when they fall below a critical threshold.

No more music dying on me in the bath :grinning:

Just thought Iā€™d mention it here, as there might be other Ultimate Ears bluetooth speaker users who could be interested in this.

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Nice use case, we could also integrate it into the code, do you mind sharing a link to your model?

Added a link to all the current different models on their web site.

I would assume other models of their speakers advertise the battery level in a similar/same way, which some other users maybe can confirm here.

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