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Looking for a bit of guidance with ZgatewayRFM69

Hello folks,

I would like to set up my ESP32 with ZgatewayRFM69. However, my I have limited knowledge of coding in order to see how I might go about this. Please help by answering a few questions for me. I’ll be happy to contribute back to the community by creating a complete tutorial for others to use.

What is the pinout from the rfm69 to the ESP?
How do I assign the frequency? What about the high power radios?
How do I assign the encryption key?
Should I be using the board and library versions referenced in platformio.ini?

Thank you for a great project.


For my curiosity, could you say more about your use case?
I haven’t seen a lot of traction around RFM69, so I would like to understand the purpose of using it.

Also you may find some informations about RFM69 into the wiki

I wish to have the ability to use wireless as well as the TLS and CA certificate credentials for MQTT broker connections. They are not availible with the current RFM69 gateway I have in use today. I have working versions of RFM nodes (choose_nodes_MiF9r1_pub) and a gateway (RFM_MQTT_Gaeway_25.4_pub) from the that utilize Uno and pro-mini boards. You can download the ino files here Google Drive Folder or register for access to the homeautomation board.

You can try to create a platformio.ini environment for RFM69 on ESP32 but I cannot guarantee it will work

platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32dev
board_build.partitions = min_spiffs.csv
lib_deps =
build_flags =

You can modify the pinout, frequency, and encryption key into config_RFM69.h

I’ve successfully compiled the code and loaded onto an ESP32 dev. Can you please double-check my pinout below.

Here’s the code from config_RFM69.h

#elif defined(ESP32)
#  define RFM69_CS   1  // NSS
#  define RFM69_IRQ  15 // GPIO15/D8 DIO0
#  define RFM69_IRQN digitalPinToInterrupt(RFM69_IRQ)
#  define RFM69_RST  4 // GPIO02/D4

And pinout

RFM69 Module ESP32
DIO0 15
Reset 4
SCK 22
3v3 3v3

I would advise to search on google an advised pinout for rfm69 + esp32 and configure it this way, I cannot advise on this pinout unfortunately.