Looking for a definitive parts list!

Hi guys, I understand that i may be asking for too much here to no worries at all.

But i’m looking at getting up and running with the OMG gateway and am really stumped as to the part list to order.

It seems the Arudino Mega board offer the most reliable and versatile base board for the project. Im looking to build the most fully featured iteration of the project. Can anyone advise?

My main use cases for the project are learning the commands from my RF (Ilumos RF dimmer light switches) and PIR sensors to trigger lighting. But love the idea of being able to incorporate any additional protocols in the build that may be useful (Bluetooth, Zigbee, zwave) if any options exist?

I plan on using it with Home Assistant. Any advice would really be appreciated.

Well, it’s really depends on details of your project.

I use my OMG boards with HA too.
Tried Arduino UNO, Wemos D1 mini and Sonoff RF Bridge - all as RF gateways so cannot say about anything else.
Arduino UNO has limited memory and is slow, only used it because of Ethernet connection option so MAYBE you can get better results with MEGA (haven’t tried).
Wemos is great, it’s small, has plenty of memory and it’s powerful enough. Easily runs RF module.
RF Bridge is surprisingly good at Pilight, pretty sensitive.
As receiver/transmitter I use SRX882/STX882 set, works really well without any modifications.

Please note that you canals use ESP32 and Wemos D1/D2? modules, which might be a better choice in terms of performance (I haven’t tried them yet)

The only problem I can see is if your RF devices are supported by any of OMG 433 MHz modules, it’s better to find it out beforehand.

Thanks AhmadK - Really informative reply.

I, like you, am predominantly RF based at the moment. My devices operate on the 433.92 mhz band, fairly standard i expect?

I just wanted to confirm what you ment with this sentence? "Please note that you canals use ESP32 and Wemos D1/D2? modules, "

So i take it i’m looking at the Arduino MEGA unless something more powerful exists at a reasonable price?

Is this device limited to just 16 channels when used for controlling RF?
“Sonoff RF Bridge is surprisingly good at Pilight, pretty sensitive.”

should read “Please note that you can also use ESP32 and Wemos D1/D2? modules”, auto corrector.

I personally think that the only advantage of MEGA is its ability to be connected ti a wired network. It’s less powerful and has less memory than ESP devices (but they are all use WiFi to communicate).
Not sure about Wemos D1/D2, it MIGHT be possible to use Ethernet shield with it, but I didn’t do such a research.

I don’t know what you mean by “channels” and think that it has no limit because you just send commands through it. And again, you won’t control your PIRs, will you? :wink:
It shouldn’t be limited by number of devices it listens to as well, I just can see no reason for it.

Is the sonoff RF bridge as powerful as the arduinos?
Do you flash the sonoff rf bridge with the OMG firmware?
I know when running the Sonoff bridge on Tasmota there are only 16 RF channels that can be used to control devices… I have about that in light switches alone…

Can you mod the RF Pro with the other parts from the project or is it merely an OMG flash to continue using RF via the sonoff bridge?

Only God knows, but I have no complains and it works really well as 433MHz-to-MQTT gateway.

Apparently yes, check out the name of this forum :wink:

I don’t know what “channel” means in this case…

I don’t quite get your question, but have a read

I’m setting up my OpenHab system with some door/window sensors, and I’m reading all of them with Sonoff RF Bridge, but for “sending” commands, I’ll set ut just one or two RF switches.
It’s a cheap solution considering the great range it have compared to the ESP8266 gateway I’ve built with the RF receiver on a breadboard.

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