Looking for RF Dimmer

I’m looking for a RF dimmer to use in my smart home setup. I’m using Node Red to controll the different devices and using mqtt mostly for communication.
I was looking for a dimmer for quite some time but didn’t find one from my preferred brands (sonoff, shelly). Do you have any recommandation on which rf dimmer to use?



At this time I haven’t seen any 433mhz RF dimmer.
Maybe it could be done by using a simple 433mhz switch and tracking a constant push?

I have seen these BLE devices but didn’t have them in my hand to try an integration



How about a garage door remote control?

In Home Assistant any of the three buttons can be mapped to turn on the light (either at full brightness or at different levels, such as down at 25%, middle at 75%, top at 100%) then pushing the up and down buttons will dim the lights.

I’m unsure if these are supported by OMG but they do look quite nice (something like Hue’s controller).