LoRa 433Mhz vs RTL 433Mhz


Hey everyone, This may be a silly question but I could not find the answer:

My understanding is that RTL433 and LoRa433 are not the same thing, both operate on 433Mhz band but different modulation. Therefore, if I flash my TTGO 433Mhz LoRa board with the TTGO RTL433Mhz OMG firmware, I will not be able to pickup other Lora devices on the 433Mhz band, correct?

Some other devices I wish to communicate with:
https://tinyurl.com/bdu3czxu - Aliexpress SX1278 LoRa Module

If this is all correct, is there an OMG firmware, like the ones for LoRa 868/915Mhz for my TTGO 433Mhz board that can convert 433 LoRa to MQTT?

This is correct

The new release will enable to change the frequency with the WebUI, you will have to upload a LoRa firmware , onboard and connect to the WebUI to switch it to 433mhz.