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[LORA] Packet Frequency Error. Please explain the value

I have two LORA sensor transmitters:
# 1 : {“rssi”:-50,“snr”:9.5,“pferror”:8883,“packetSize”:26,“message”:“nord,898,23.9,50.5,0.0,5.0”}
# 2 : {“rssi”:-59,“snr”:9.75,“pferror”:-1920,“packetSize”:22,“message”:“ttgo,1070,21,20,0,10.0”}

What are the correct values to identify the pferror (packet Frequency Error) ?
It is good 8883 or -1920 ?
What mean ?


Yes it is the name listed into the API for this value.

Packet Frequency Error

long freqErr = LoRa.packetFrequencyError();

Returns the frequency error of the received packet in Hz. The frequency error is the frequency offset between the receiver centre frequency and that of an incoming LoRa signal.