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Low cost Temperature and Humidity

I am looking for a way to log several inexpensive temperature and humidity sensors like the Digoo R8S or R8H. It would also be nice to control outlets.

I already had an Arduino Mega and W5100 so I ordered a STX882+SRX882 pair and a HM-10. I was able to get OMG 0.9.4 and Home Assistant running and can read from a 433 MHz remote and write to a 433 MHz outlet with RF. I cannot get BlueTooth to work as there is a error during compiling. PILight also has an error during compiling so the only thing I can currently use is the RF Gateway.

Should I ditch the Mega and use an ESP or will Pilight or BT be supported on Arduino sometime soon?

It is not planned. I’m currently thinking on which library to choose and to invest time one so as to have a better protocols coverage with one gateway.

Well this is not the same thing, especialy if you use wifi on the ESP, ethernet is faster, safer and more reliable.
So arduino mega was my prefered platform during several years, but now that I see this kind of board I’m questionning myself. When the Olimex board will be integrated with its ethernet functionnality (currently it works with OMG but only wifi) I think it will be a good choice.

I would take a look to the missing vector library in the following days.

PiLight temperature sensors are much cheaper than Bluetooth sensors ($5 each versus $15 each) so please consider trying to get PiLight to work on the Arduino Mega platform.

I already had a Mega at home and liked the idea of it being hardwired versus wifi. That was my initial reasoning for using it over the ESP platform. That ESP32-GATEWAY board looks great if it would work with low cost temperature sensors.

Another thought I had had is building my own with a STX882, small Atmel uC, and a DHT22 but I can’t build them cheaper than I can buy them already assembled so the problem still remains RF versus PiLight protocols.

Fresh info, I’m currently integrating this one (6$):

Affiliated link

Yep, hardwired is the best in term of safety and reliability.

Of course if we can reuse things we already have it is always better.

Fresh info, I’m currently integrating this one (6$):

Let me know how it goes! If it works out I will order a bunch of them. Thank you.

Did the $6 Bluetooth temperature sensor get integrated? If so I will order some.

There is a test version available.

That was great news until I went to order the sensors and noticed they went from $6 to $16.89 each!

I would still be looking for a low cost solution if anyone has other ideas.

You can find them on aliexpress for 5$ still:

I ordered a 4 pack from Aliexpress. Thank you.