M5StickC build MQTT gets no data just endless config entries

Using all three of the prebuild files and the bin loader, building with PlatformIO, and building with Arduino, it appears there is an issue. No changes were made to the source except those needed (want a stable build first)

No data is ever feed. Instead it just constantly spams (under 5 seconds), configuration information. EG:
with this value
{“stat_t”:“home/OpenMQTTGateway_ESP32_M5STICK_C_BLE_IR/BTtoMQTT/XXXXXXXXXXXXX”,“name”:“MiFlora-moi”,“uniq_id”:“XXXXXXXXXXXX-MiFlora-moi”,“val_tpl”:"{{ value_json.moi | is_defined }}",“unit_of_meas”:"%"}

Is there some acknowledgement I’m supposed to sent to get data? From my multiple readings I’m not aware of anything else needed.


Could you point out the environment used in platformio.ini file ?

This 4th test I used the bin loader, but the builds were based on default_envs = esp32-m5stick-c-ble

After the first two I had to rip the case off because it wouldn’t run for much longer than 30 minutes before failure.

On this fourth run I’m getting data, but I grabbed a different A-C cable that I’m no longer that is MUCH longer. I actually have it sitting in the middle of the center second of pots. Before it was maybe 10’ from them. I also dropped the RSSI to zero. I’ll need to put that back up though once I find the sweet spot because it’s pinging a few battery based asthma med sensors (or maybe blacklist them).

Looking at what I see now, I wonder if the bluetooth is much weaker than I had planned. I can see all 9 mi fora from my iPhone 8 Plus in our closed bedroom on the second floor. Up here the esp32 only saw 1.

So it looks like this was a combination of dropping my RSSI and moving it right on top of the main cluster (1 sensor/1’/6 sensors/5’/2 sensors). The endless config entries were because it wasn’t a strong enough signal right?

That’s strange, could you try to set:
'{"minrssi":-200}' instead of 0

So instead of blacklisting dozens of entries, I whitelisted 9. That works fine. However my ESP32 is spontaneously rebooting and the whitelists don’t persist. While I’d love to know why it’s rebooting, it isn’t the major concern. Power outages happen and I unboxed this stick to just the raw board for cooling and removed the battery. It will go down sometimes. Do I need to schedule a cron job to fairly often send the whitelist or is there a way to persist it [like a router saves it’s list of whitelisted MACs] (short of editing the code of course ;-)).


Could you precise at which interval this is occurring?

Does it solved your issue or it was from another problem?