Mesh "receiver" possible using multiple gateways?

Perhaps this is a question that has been answered, however, I just need some clarification. Currently I have quite a few 433mhz sensors throughout my house both motion and door. I have 2 Sonoff RF bridges with one in my metal shop to make sure it can receive my sensors in the shop and one in my home for everything else.

I am wondering, can I make 3-4 more OMGateways on various hardware (Sonoffs, D1 minis) and place them in weaker points of the house to create a “mesh receiver” for my 433mhz sensors? I also plan to use some waterproof enclosures to manage yard gate sensors so I was thinking of adding a enclosed bridge out there as well. Overall, doing something like this would be much cheaper than Z-wave and allow me more flexibility and range.

My thought would be to have all the gateways point to the same topic so ultimately everything goes to NodeRED or Home Assistant the same way. Is this possible or should I look for another solution?

Suggestions are welcome as well.

Regardless of the board OMG will behave the same way.

OMG works only on gateway <-> router/ (star) architecture, ,you can’t do gateway<->gateway<->router at this time.
This is something nevertheless that I’m thinking about as an enhancement.

This is possible, but let me give you my though on that. MQTT allow to have a more flexible approach by using the ‘+’.
With OMG you change the gateway name for each gateway.
On NodeRed or your controller you subscribe to :

And you will receive signals from all the gateways in your emitter range.

The advantage of using OMG in a multiple gateways environment is the deduplication of signals. The first gateway receiving a signal will say it to the others avoiding the others to republish it and by the way a pollution to your broker/controller.
It is explained here

Thank you for the response. Forgive my terms, I chose mesh poorly. Star topology will work just as well. My hope was to just improve the range and reception of my 433mhz devices by spacing out more gateways across my installation.

Currently I’m using Tasmota and it “seems like” that if I add another bridge in a overlapping area that weird things start happening. I’m hoping for more uniform reception by changing to OMG.