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MiFlora closest OMG select with multiple OMG


I have a multiple OMG gateway setup with esp32 lolin running and with around 5 MiFlora. All ESP were loaded directly from the website and not modified. Basically it is working fine but I found out. That the data from the flora is often not transmitted through the closest OMG and so the signal is weak and sometimes it can not be transmitted. So on my Setup the intention to have multiple OMG to increase the covered area can not be fulfilled. Can I change this behaviour? Is it know? How the closest OMG is selected?


There is no special selection of the closest or strongest signal when transmitting the data. OMG/board acts as a passthrough when the sensor is in reach. So if a MiFlora emits data it can be caught potentially by all your esp32 if they are in range.

What esp32 binary did you choose? You may try esp32dev-ble-cont to have better granularity of data.

I used esp32-lolin32lite-ble. I will try your suggested one. Is there a description about the differences between the firmware?

…and all esp32 in range will publish the data if there are in the reach of the sensor? No evaluation of timestamps or something?

You can have the different parameters for each environement into platformio.ini

Not with BLE, it exists with RF. Could be a nice add.

Thank you for your answers… I will check it out and play around a bit.

Thank you for your work and the great software.

I am currently try to find a solution to integrate them in our house which we are currently built. :slight_smile:

So there was a different behaviour only with one board. So I think this one had an hardware failure. Other board, same position working fine. So no failure with your software. All fine !!

Thanks a lot!

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