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Miflora connect to Thingspeak?

I have a DOIT ESP32 devkit v1. I plan to use it for Miflora/ bluetooth. I

I compiled in Platformio uncommenting esp32-dev-ble. It uploaded to the board. I accessed the Wifi and connected it to my network. I see that it gets a lease from my router.

What do I have to do next? I have mosquitto installed if that helps. I also installed MQTT explorer and put the details in. After a few seconds of clicking ‘connect’ it says ‘disconnected from server’

The end result is to see my Miflora devices on I’ve never used MQTT before and have only the vaguest of idea of how it works.

Still wondering what to do next.

Anyone? Shall I just do this on a Pi Zero instead?

If you go to mosquitto log you can see the connection states from the different devices. Maybe it could help you.