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Miflora Plant Sensors FW updates via phone app

Hi if i update my miflora devices to current f/w with the xiaomi phone app (bluestacks?) will they still work with older pair/query diy solutions such as what i currently use the contrib-xiaomi-ble node

when i first started using these sensors i read dire warnings against even looking at its associated phone app lest it corrupt the device and close it to diy use.

I would suck it and see but thats risking a valuable sensor…



Why do you need to update the firmware?

Hi Thanks for the feedback , The only Miflora publications i receive are


id: “C4:7C:8D:66:20:2C”
name: “Flower care”
rssi: -87
distance: 18.07764
servicedata: “31029800f42c20668d7cc40d”
18/11/2020, 07:42:49node: 6e4621a6.a0314
home/home_presence/OpenMQTTGateway_ESP32_BLE : msg.payload : Object
{ id: “C4:7C:8D:64:43:61”, name: “Flower care”, rssi: -81, distance: 10.46739 }
18/11/2020, 07:42:50node: 6e4621a6.a0314

lots of similar publication pairs one without the service data one with for every miflora sensor i have ok but none with any sensor readings.

while the mija sensors i use of a similar age to my miflora sensors do get their sensor metrics published…

The documentation for this project for the miflora sensor states the f/w should be upto date.

Verify that your sensor is working with the App and update it with the last software version. You should see in your MQTT broker the following data:

docs link

also some of my sensors were intended for the ‘domestic’ market and are not intended to work with the ‘international’ app iirc?

Ideally i could use this spectacular tool to query the public metrics on a super regular basis to feed real time systems and use the ‘old’ connect/query approach once a day to retrieve battery stats…

I take it from the short response you expect that the sensor metrics should already be coming through?

one fact that may or may not be relevant - all sensors are currently dry not in plant pots if that effects what data is publicly advertised or not idk, im just sure if i omitted that detail it would be bloody crucial :wink:

Im using V0.9.4 as version 0.9.5 would not retain any credentials provided through its access point interface.