Monitoring Tilt BLE hydrometer (iBeacon)


I bought a cheap ESP32 module (with OLED display) to be able to expose the measurements my Tilt hydrometer makes to an MQTT server. OpenMQTTGateway seems to be able to do just this, however I have not been able to get the values I need.

Tilt uses the iBeacon protocol and stores the values it measures (temperature and specific gravity) in the major and minor fields of the iBeacon data. (more data here

mosquitto currently gets this data from the Tilt:
home/home_presence/OpenMQTTGateway {"id":"c5:11:8c:ba:55:ef","manufacturerdata":"L","rssi":-82,"distance":11.4949}

  1. Would it be possible to support this in a future release, or is there a way I can get this from OpenMQTTGateway already?
  2. Does OpenMQTTGateway support displaying basic info on the module’s OLED screen, or would you maybe be interested in implementing this?

thank you!

PS I’m also looking into another possible fix for my needs with BLE2MQTT by shmuelzon, but it seemed to me this would also be a nice addition to OpenMQTTGateway.


It doesn’t support this yet but it would be a nice add.

Could you give me a link to your model on an ecommerce site please?


Sure, link was in my OP. Here it is again:


I was meaning an ecommerce link to the sensor you are using if you have.


Ah to the Tilt sensor you mean?


hmm I was thinking on buying one to do some integration testing but the price is quite expensive…


Yes it is unfortunately. As it is basically just an iBeacon that uses Minor/Major fields to send it’s sensor data, you could use Beacon Simulator (Android) to emulate. Details of the data format it uses can be found here.


I need to try to simulate it to see if I can read the data