Mopeka BBQ Tank Sensor not showing all data values (BottleCheck)

Hi there,

I am trying to monitor a Mopeka BBQ sensor but it does not seem to be showing all of the data values over MQTT. I can see it in MQTT Explorer, but it is only showing MAC address and RSSI.

The device that I have purchased has been rebranded as “Bottle Check” however it looks to be the same as the Mopeka Pro, and scans in nRF Connect as Mopeka. I am hoping that this device is compatible and that you might have some advice for me on how I get the other data values like: Level, Battery, Temperature, etc.

Here are some photos:


Hi @Bruce,

There seems to have been the introduction of a new model ID with the re-branded Lippert BottelCheck, although the model itself seems to be the same as with the Mopeka Pro.

Therefore I assume that the encoding has also stayed the same and have included the new model ID in the current Mopeka decoder.

With your above screenshots you didn’t have the sensor attached to a tank at all, is that correct?

Are you able to build your own gateway with the current test decoder? Otherwise we can have a pre-built binary ready for you to test in about an hour.

P.S. I have started a test build, which will be ready for you to install and test in about an hour.

You are correct, the sensor was not attached to the tank I had it on the desk near me so the level should read zero, the battery 100%, and the temperature approx 23C.

Thanks for your help. I will try a build with the test decoder, and let you know.

For making a build with the test decoder just change the line

decoder =


decoder =

in the platformio.ini file. Or wait for about an hour to download the pre-built test binary :wink:


The test build SHA:868730 is now available at

until it is overwritten again by the nightly dev build in about 12 hours.

Let us know if everything is working fine for you with your Lippert BottleCheck, so that the amended decoder can be included in the next Theengs Decoder/OpenMQTTGateway releases.


Thank you, your test version is working!
I can see the following data in MQTT Explorer.

“id”: “DB:55:31:1B:44:43”,
“mac_type”: 1,
“adv_type”: 0,
“manufacturerdata”: “5900065e3e00001b44432bc4”,
“rssi”: -58,
“brand”: “Mopeka”,
“model”: “Pro Check Sensor”,
“model_id”: “M1017”,
“type”: “UNIQ”,
“cidc”: false,
“tempc”: 22,
“tempf”: 71.6,
“lvl_cm”: 0,
“lvl_in”: 0,
“sync”: false,
“volt”: 2.9375,
“batt”: 100,
“quality”: 0,
“accx”: 43,
“accy”: -60

Thanks for the confirmation @Bruce, and giving all the needed details with your photos and screenshots in the first post :slight_smile:

You can keep this test version installed until the next release of OpenMQTTGateway will officially include this amended decoder.

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