Mopeks bottle check

I’m a new user to OMG, but quite familiar with mqtt and node red.

I am trying to read the mopeka bottle check sensor directly into mqtt >> node red without using the iOS app.

The iOS app will detect the mopeka and send the data to my broker.

I have tried with two ESP-32 devices and my raspberry pi with the open mqtt scanner loaded. The issue I run into is other Mac addresses appear in my broker, but not the mopeds unless I use the iOS apps in the foreground.

My question is If there is a correct firmware to use?

I have tried the esp32 BLE firmware and the ble undecoded.
My version on the esp devices is 1.7

But the version under raspberry pi seems to be only 1.4. I don’t find zxwsy to update the raspberry pi to a later release.

I use mqtt explorer to view the broker data.

I’d like to log usage and trigger notifications.

My xaiomi scale reads directly and will decode correctly with this setup.

Welcome @Mhardy

You should use the esp32dev-ble binary, available from the web upload, or also the latest development version at

it uses the same BLE Theengs Decoder as the App, so should work just as well.

If your Xiaomi scale gets decoded fine, so should the Mopeka bottle check, unless it might be too far causing reception issues with an ESP32 PCB antenna.

Let us know how you get on.

The issue ended up being an RSSI issue. Even with the esp32 sitting within 2 feet of the Propane tank. I added an external antenna to the esp-32 and many mac addresses were detected. Now off to setup a whitelist.

I expect the same issue with the Raspberry Pi. I’ll try an external BT adapter when i get a chance.

Thanks sending me in the right direction.