More rtl433 options in future versions?

Hi, i relly like OMG but have some ideas about improving the usability, at least for myself :).
I hope it is ok to formulate a small wishlist here (i have no idea how to use github…).

  1. A filter to restrict found 433 sensors. Right now my OMG shows 20+ different devices in my neighbourhood besides the 3 i own. mybe a blacklist diabeling certain devices would be great, within the gui even better.
  2. Support for other frequencies / modulations, also configurable within the gui would be nice. As i geather there is some development happening which makes me look forward to the next version.
  3. Multi protocol support, e.g. 433 and ble gateway would be handy. I read this can limited by hardware resources but it would be nice to have it on a ESP32.
  4. More GUI features. I started with OMG 1.6 coming from Tasmota. So i know the gui is still young but is on a good path :wink:
  5. Steady support of precompiled binaries. Doing the compiling myself is out of skill for me, but if there is a possibility to use precongiured online platforms or home-assistant addons it could be an alternative.


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Thanks for the feedback. Here are my comments:

Agreed, we need a filter, also this should not be only for RTL_433 but for all the modules. The filter should enable to use wildcards
Started working on it: [SYS] Add payload level filtering · 1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway@b708531 · GitHub

As a first step, FSK will be available in the next release with a separate environment. We need to have the underlining library to support the switch between FSK/OOK at runtime to have the capability to change dynamically

Indeed, some track is to use an ESP32 with PSRAM, not tested yet.

It makes the configuration easier and more user-friendly, on the other hand, it increases the code size/resources required. Need to be balanced depending on the features.

Did you try gitpod ?

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thanks for the answer. looking forward for next version, will try online compiler so long.