MQTT integration with home assistant creates many switches

I have OMG setup on a NodeMCU with the cheap transmitter and receiver. It seems when placed close to my wifi router, it is overtriggering and seems to think it is receiving a lot of data. (not related to OMG, I have seen this behaviour before).

Interesting thing is that Home Assistant creates entities for every code transmitted by OMG over mqtt, with this result:

Is there a way to adjust the MQTT settings on OMG to prevent this behaviour? (other than disabling discovery)



No one else?

My HomeAssistant has more than five thousand “RF Switches” in just two days on.

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Yep, same for me. It’s really annoying:( Besides of that, you can’t remove those switches until you don’t remove the whole device integration. The only solution is to disable mqtt auto discovery, but i don’t like it. Have you found the solution for the problem already?

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On the future v0.9.6 you will be able to deactivate autodiscovery with a switch. You could let it ON at start and deactivate it after. When you have a new equipment you just put it ON so as to discover it.

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Hy Florian,
any predictions for the release of version 0.9.6 or another alternative to fix this?


Yes v0.9.6 should be out in March


A v0.9.6beta is available for test