Multiple gateways - DHT send unknown values


Hello coders

I have one Gateway with DHT config on ESP8266 and everything works fine…

Then I was upload same sketch ( I changed topic home to topic warehouse and I changed Base_Topic Gateway_Name “/DHTtoMQTT/dht1” to Base_Topic Gateway_Name “/DHTtoMQTT/dht2”…

When I was restart HASSIO on RP3… both sensors have UNKNOWN value…
After 5-10 minutes … one of sensors write correct value… after 15 minutes second sensor write correct value…

After hour… both sensors write same values … without changes

On serial monitor:
MQTT connection…
Connected to broker
Subscription OK to the subjects

  • correct TEMP and HUM

Any ideas ? Thanks a lot



Could you indicate what you would like to atremps at final by changing the topic names ?