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Multiple remotes without interference: possible?

Hi everyone,

I am considering using OMG to have in each room of my house one (or more) RF remotes.
There wille be around 10 remotes, i.e.
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The main purpose is that each RF can control the lights/fan/poweroutlets in the room.

I wonder: does every device send unique codes? Or will I have interference between my rooms…

Kind regards,

Some remotes have a set of dips behind so as to configure the code. You may take a look to their datasheet.
My Ankuoo 433mhz remotes have a 4 position dip behind.
I use to have one also with a combination of 5 dips that enables a good variety of combinations.

Ah! That’s how it works.

Thanx for response,

Hi @1technophile ,

I bought some Kebidu remotes

They all seem to be programmed with the same code: buttons A-B send different codes, but button A of remote 1 sends same code of button A of remote 2
I succeeded to re-program remote1: copied the rf signal of button A on remote 2 to all buttons on remote 1. So all buttons of R1 are sending same code now.

Do you have any idea how to “program” those remotes with my own custom rf signal? Or in other words: can I generate a rf signal with OMG that can be picked up by the (Kebidu)remotes? How?



If the remote can record a signal, you could check with OMG what signal it sends, modify it and send it with OMG while the other remote is in recording mode.

see below: