N00b vs Sonoff RF Bridge

Hi there!

IoT, MqTT is kind of new things for me, but slowly we get them :slight_smile:

If someone can help a beginner please do so.

I have 2 sensors and in one of them is tripped the RF Bridge is announced and passes the command to RFR3 relay which stops the lamp. The lamp can only be turn on by a manual command or web interface

PIR2 & DW1 --> RF BRIDGE — RFR3 relay

Now the thing is, can I put all the command code on the RF Bridge? I do not want something else in the equations if it’s possible.

With Platformio I’ve put OMG 0.93. On the smartphone I’ve seen the network of the RF bridge and entered my wiifi network SSID & pass.

And I’m lost & tired :slight_smile: … I cannot see any webpage on the IP assign to the RF Bridge from my network. WHat shall I do next?

All the best!