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Need advice for devices working with rtl_433 support

I have a Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with Tasmota 9.5.0 and Portisch 0x04. I have been looking around the Home Assistant forum for integrations that would do additional decoding such as rtl_433 does. I haven’t found anything. If such a thing exists, please let me know!

Motivation: I want to decode the signal of some weather stations. simple binary sensors like for keyfobs, door sensors, PIR, etc. are not of interest and I do know how to do that with the Sonoff RF Bridge.

I also do not wish to use rtl_433 with an RTL-SDR. While the hardware is cheap, power consumptions still is considerably more than I want for 24x7. Also the RTL-SDR may burn out after a short time.

I already use OMG on a M5Stack and I also looked at PiLight, but Pilight seems kinda dead. I see that OMG support various RF modules and the only one I am really interested in is the one allowing for rtl_433 decoding.

If I understood it right, rtl_433 support does not work on the Sonoff RF bridge.

Now my request:
-what are ready-made devices that would support the rtl_433 decoding out of the box?
-if ready-made devices do not exist, what are devices with the least hardware-DIY factor that may be used?

Yes, I saw the respective section in the wiki - if that would have helped me I would not ask here.

Yes, to have RTL_433 working you need a CC1101 + an ESP32 (not sure the ESP8285 has enough memory).

Based on my knowledge this doesn’t exist.

In all cases you will have to solder the connections between the CC1101 and the ESP32, so after it is more a choice of esp32 packaging versus pins available. M5Stack could be a good candidate but you need to verify that the pins used by the CC1101 are available

Have you seen EvelCrowRF? It has two CC1101 and an ESP32 on board. Does that work with the existing firmware for OMG that supports rtl_433?

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Seems very interesting, @NorthernMan54 do you think this is compatible ?

That boards looks really good, and is likely to work. I can’t see why not. The main challenge would be the second cc1101, as the current omg firmware doesn’t support dual cc1101