Need help with connecting Kaku and Sonoff devices

Since a couple of days I’m playing with OMG. Followed the Youtube video from Andreas Spies and installed OMG on a Lilygo RTL-433 board (web install).
On MQTT Explorer I can see that the board receives data from devices in my environment.
Now I try to connect a Kaku switch and a Sonoff pir2 motion sensor to the board but these devices don’t show up in MQTT Explorer.
For years now I use Domoticz with an RFXCOM receiver. The RFXCOM receives Kaku and Sonoff device with no problem.
I think I missed something, somewhere. Where do I start to find a solution?


Trying for days now to get things working. I think I read all the docs and all the topics in this forum. I played with the examples in the Visual Studio section. I send commands to the gateway. No luck.
Please give me a hint how to activate a Kaku (coco) or a Sonoff device.


Unfortunately Kaku seems to triggers a stack overflow on ESP32 see here and is not part of the devices decoded by RTL_433 ESP

Thanks for the quick reply.
Ok, Kaku is a dead end on the esp32. Not a big problem as I can use the power plugs with my old rfxlink antenna.
Now for the Sonoff devices. I have a couple of Sonoff Pir2 motion sensors an a Sonoff RFR3 smart switch. What is the protocol for those devices?


If you have the knowledge and the motivation you could try to solve the root cause of the issue. It may involve doing modification in the upstream library RTL_433

These devices may be recognized by generic libraries like RCSwitch but will require more tinkering.
You will need to add an SRX module to an ESP32

This will not be an out of the box approach

Ok, thanks again. My Lilygo board have to wait for another project. I’ll go back to Tasmoto for the Sonoff sensors and to the RFXlink for the Kaku switches.


What kind of board are you using for this ?

i have the Lilygo TTGO Lora32 433Mhz board (the same as the board Andreas Spiess used)

For the Sonoff PIR Sensors, do you had a second RF receiver module to make it compatible?

I have an old RFXCOM RFXtrx 433Mhz USB receiver. This receiver is connected to a Domoticz (docker container) and handles all my Kaku devices. The Sonoff PIR2 is detected as a on-off switch.