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New Inkbird Temp sensor, no temperature data older ones working

I just got some Inkbir IBS-TH2 sensors, temperature only models. I have some temp/humidity sensors already working. The new sensors show up in the mqtt BTtoMQTT topic, but no temperature data. They don’t seem to be recognized as Inkbird devices.

I think the problem is that the code is doing a strcmp for “sps” and these guys have “tps”

the “offending” code
if (strcmp(name, “sps”) == 0) {

The mqtt messages
home/home_presence/OpenMQTTGateway_ESP32_BLE {“id”:“49:42:07:00:06:CD”,“name”:“tps”,“manufacturerdata”:“e308000000e3b66406”,“rssi”:-92,“distance”:27.75274}
home/OpenMQTTGateway_ESP32_BLE/BTtoMQTT/4942070006CD {“id”:“49:42:07:00:06:CD”,“name”:“tps”,“rssi”:-92,“distance”:27.75274}

I haven’t tried yet, but I’m thinking the fix will be something like:
if (strcmp(name, “sps” ) | strcmp(name, “tps”)) == 0) {



if you take the development branch instead of the v0.9.6 tag you will get IBS-TH2:

Thank you. That looks like it should fix things.

Interestingly my working devices are labeled IBS-TH2 also, but have temp and humidity. these new ones are temperature only.

If you want to share the data coming from these so that I can adapt the configuration, feel free.

You would have to add these macro to your platformio build:


Thank you for the offer of help. After I did the magick incantation and twirled around 3 times (aka did the proper steps completely and in order to flash the newer firmware) the sensors are recognized properly as TH1 and TH2.

the devices all have TH2 printed on them, but that is a minor inconvenience. alll is well here.