New xiaomi thermometer 2

Hey, I went ahead and bought a few of the new xiaomi thermometers I’ve mentioned here before ( and monitored it with the esp32 ble gateway. Doesn’t seem like the values are sent in the service data

I have one and I can confirm that they doesn’t advertise service data as the others. It seems that we need to do a connection to them.

Is that even possible? I’m not sure what are the limitations on the number of simultaneously connected devices to the esp32

It is more due to the way this device is designed. It doesn’t broadcast its values compared to others.

I was referring to what you wrote “we need to do a connection to them”. Is that even possible? You would have to connect to each of these sensors to query the data, and I’m not sure how many devices the esp32 can be connected to at once.

Yes it is possible, the issue with making connection is the esp32 software maturity. It seems to become unstable when using this mode.
It has been explored here

I also ordered sensor MiTemp2, as was advertised as more power efficient and more secure.
To catch data you have to connect to sensor first, then you can read data.
I use Raspberry Pi with Mi Temperature 2 code with automated push data to my mqtt broker.
Works quite well.