Newbie - overwhelmed by devices auto-discovered into HA, but

But… I’m reluctant just to turn them all off. It’s fun seeing some new devices in the area, but I too get slammed by devices like Skylink Motion Sensors. After a day, I had 30-40 “new” Skylinks appear in Home Assistant. I whack most of them but they reappear.

So my question is not so much how to I disable everything but what I want, but more “has anyone come up with an architectural approach to keep ‘everything’ enabled, but only route what I want to Home Assistant?”

I’m thinking I could easily send all of the RTL_433toMQTT packets to a second broker, catch them all there, the with some simple python, bounce the packets that I want to keep over to Home Assistant…

I’d have to turn off auto-discovery, but I’m OK with manual configuration of sensors in HA.

I’m conflicted. It’s fun to see all of the 433MHz stuff around me, I just don’t want them flowing in Home Assistant and am wondering if someone else has solved this more elegantly?

Hi @Patrick_Conroy,

While I don’t know how you want to keep monitoring, why not switch off HA auto-discovery for your gateway, so that you don’t get additional devices added in HA, and still monitor the other devices through your gateway in MQTT Explorer.

Thank you - I’m going to switch off Auto Discovery and reflash. Something’s a bit off with some of the device discovery. I too, like someone else, have been inundated with hundreds of “new” Skylink HA-434TL motion devices. I left for a week and returned to see about 120 “new and unique” Skylink’s in Home Assistant.

I’ve got duplicate devices discovered for 433MHz Cooking Thermometers, but only a handful. Duplicate Nexus and LaCrosse temp sensors. But only 3 or 4.

Much easier to clean up that those Skylink’s.