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NodeMCU + 433mhz + Temperature sensors


The whole OMG project seems very promising for a lot of different technologies, so I started wading my feet to get into it, starting with my 433Mhz temperature sensors.

I for the love of me cannot figure out how to see any sensor data, I am currently using a LoLin NodeMCU board + cheap 433mhz sender and reciever from ebay.

Since I tried using esphome with this first, with the option “dump: all” I know I am getting data to the reciever, but when using openmqttgateway I cannot see any data recieved, I have tried with multiple different ports (D1\D2\D3\D4\D8) to no avail, I have also tried clicking a remote just to see if it is actually recieving those, but nothing.

I tried both the precompiled binary and rolling my own trying out RF \ RF2 \ WeatherStationRx but no difference in any of them.

Has anyone gone down this route before ? What did you do ?


Would you indicate the sensor model/brand you are expecting to receive?
Are they in the compatible list ?

Same thing would you indicate the remote type?