NodeMCU after receiving first block TX, apparently by noise generated by the TX

Dear, I have a problem.
When starting the system (connecting power) everything is connected perfectly and I can receive signals without any inconvenience.
But after performing the first TX (MQTTto433) it would seem that the transmitter is sending noise and blocks the reception of all the signals (the transmission is done correctly and if I do another TX also it does it but it is as if at the end of sending the transmission the NodeMcu leaves sending noise to TX that invade the spectrum and block the RX), if I disconnect the power of the TX I can receive signals again.
I have connected the NodeMCU pins on the following pins:

 #define RF_RECEIVER_PIN 0 // D3 on nodemcu // put 4 with rf bridge direct mod
 #define RF_EMITTER_PIN 4 // RX on nodemcu if it doesn't work with 3, try with 4 (D2) // put 5 with rf bridge direct mod

The version I am using is:
#define OMG_VERSION “0.9.1”

I hope I have been clear and see if you can help me with this problem.

Thank you!!!


There is several possibilities for that:
-a wrong library version of rc-switch (the 2.6.2 has an issue leading to interferences after the first sending)
-a pin not suitable to use as a TX.

To solve the issue I would check first the version of rc-switch and try different pins after.

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Thanks, problem solved !!!
The test of changing the pins had already been performed and performed the same symptom.
Check the rc-switch version and I was actually using the 2.6.2 update to version 2.6.3 and the problem was resolved.

Thanks for the help.

Great ! Thanks for the feedback.

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