NodeMCU on USB-AC-Adapter with MX-RM-5V / FS1001 / BME280 gets noisy after Update to 1.5.1

i updated an old NodeMCUv2 Dev-Board with attached MX-RM-5V / FS1001 / BME280 from OMG1.3.1 to OMG1.5.1. I’m using the RC-Switch Lib. The Board is runnung of-site on a 0,5A USB-AC-Adapter.

After the update i experience a very noise RF-Receiver and MQTT gots spammed with all kind of signals. But as soon, the device got’s attached with USB to my computer, the receiver went normal again. I fiddled out, that changing the USB-AC-Adaptor solves the problem for me.

But the Question remains for me:
OMG1.3.1 works fine with these AC-Adaptor. It seems to be some kind of interferences which didn’t bother the receiver before updating. Did someone have similar observations?