Not publishing on 433toMQTT what I've send on commands/MQTTto433

When I publish something on home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433, it is republish on home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT.
Is it possible to not publish on the topic 433toMQTT what I’ve just send.
Thank you

Hi @er26,

This is the default occurrence, as publishing anything through MQTTto433 sends out an RF signal, which in turn is being picked up by the RF receiver.

AFAIK this cannot be turned off as the receiver doesn’t know where this RE signal is coming from, so receiving all RF signals in the air. OMG trying to compare outgoing to received RF, with their possible delay, raw etc. differences would be make things complex and inaccurate.

As this is also happing on my setup and doesn’t cause any issues in everyday usage, may I ask why it is a problem for your use case?

but if I disconnect the pin of the receiver, when I send something it is also publish on the topic 433toMQTT, so I thought it was automatically republished without receiving the signal and maybe it was possible to disable it.
I thought to use the gataway as replacement of an rflink that I use with nodered, and with rflink I don’t receive what I’ve just send so it was easier if I could disable that.

wow, ok, I didn’t think that was the case, but only that an emitted signal was picked up and send to MQTT as any other picked up signal.

As I have my RF setup all soldered on a board it’s not easy for me to disconnect the pics, but will test it with different pin assignment here as well.

ADDENDUM: yes, same here, 433toMQTT ‘received’ when sending out MQTTto433, even if the wrong receiver pin is defined :wink:

We’ll have to look into the code a bit closer for that, and also see when and possibly why this was introduced.


This published signal to 433toMQTT is an acknowledgement that the signal has been send. Imagine a situation where you can control your RF outlet with a remote control or your Home Automation software. See this signal as a status update. You will have the following scenarios:

  • You press the remote control, which sends a signal to the gateway and update the status in the Home Automation software
  • You press the button into the Home Automation software, the gateway sends the signal to the outlet and updates the button status into the Home Automation software so that the button status represents exactly the last command sent.

See it as an acknowledgment.

OK thank you for your answers