OMG 1.4.0, Lilygo T3_V1.6.1 and HA Autodiscovery


Today I received a brand new LilyGo RTL_433 board and flashed it with the latest Lilygo binary available from the OMG site. Based on everything I read before my purchase and especially after some six hours of troubleshooting I have to give up and ask help.

Am I totally wrong if I say that based on the all documentation, the autodiscovery of 433 devices is by default “ON” in the latest OMG firmware?

The flashing to my Lilygo was successful, my HA found the device and configured it - it is visible in HA with 1 device, 8 entities as it should, but none of the nearby 433 devices are populating to HA automatically. With the MQTT Explorer I can see that the “RTLCnt” counter is alive and numbers are growing, so Lilygo indeed hears weather stations and other 433 devices.

I then downloaded the latest binary package from the OMG GIT and checked the configuration parameters. From the root folder it is said that the Build definition for the mqttDiscovery is following:


Build definitions

;  '-DMDNS_SD=true'
  '-DGateway_Name="cc1101-ec20dc"'    ; 9e0770  ; ec20dc
 ; '-DZgatewayRF="RF"'
 ; '-DZgatewayPilight="Pilight"'
;  '-DZsensorBH1750="BH1750"'
;  '-DZsensorBME280="BME280"'
;  '-DMEMORY_DEBUG=true'
;  '-DDEMOD_DEBUG=true'
; '-DRTL_DEBUG=4'           ; rtl_433 verbose mode
;  '-DMY_DEVICES=true'

Based on the last parameter “-UZmqttDiscovery” - is the autodiscovery “ON” or “OFF” after all?

Have I understood this correctly?

If not, How do I enable the Autodiscovery of 433 devices with Lilygo and HA? I am not that expert what comes to compiling things from the scratch.




Yes auto discovery is enabled by default, see below the macro to deactivate it is commented (U = undefined):

Do you have the MQTT discovery activated in the HA integration ?
Also could you check if you see devices with MQTT explorer ?


Okay, Autodiscovery is ON, great.

This is what I can see from MQTT Explorer - Lilygo has been on for some half an hour. There are several weather stations nearby and I’ve been playing around with cheap 433MHz NEXA remote control, but nothing has been picked by the Lilygo.


The Autodiscovery has been set to “ON” in the HA integration.


Unfortunately Nexa is not included in the library:

Yes, same applies to several of tens of Weather stations I can hear with other solutions. A little disappointed about this after I read so much good about the OMG.

Let’s hope that the support for wider amount of 433 devices comes with the later releases.


@OH1MAC I had excluded the Nexa device decoder due to its resource usage, as it caused resource exceptions with the port to ESP32. With further updates will monitor this, and hopefully it changes in the future.

I’m in the same boat. Nexa is ubiquitous in Nordic countries. I bought this Lilygo T3, installed it today just to find only my thermometers are found. No Nexa nor Somfy :frowning:
Today I use a rfxcom but its placement (USB device) is not optimal. Lilygo, because is Wi-Fi, would be the perfect solution to decommission my rfxcom.

Would it be possible to do a how-to about how to configure, compile and upload locally OMG supporting certain protocols only? My use case:

  1. I have a LILYGO® TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 Ver. 433MHz
  2. I only need Nexa and Nexus protocols.

UPDATE: Ok, I’ve found out that I need CC1101 if I want to be able to RX and TX which is my purpose with Nexa. So time to build an ESP32 with CC1101.

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