OMG auto discovery adds lot of devices


When I enable OMG auto discovery it adds a lot of devices. I don’t think they are in range, but maybe they was during the day. Are these devices retained in MQTT? I is possible to remove them? It is pretty boring to manually remove 30+ devices every time when I enable auto discovery.

I think there’s a lingering bug in here. I used the default installation, which has Auto Discovery on, by default. And I too was totally swamped by hundreds of bogus devices showing up in Home Assistant.

I’ve started the clean up process - which for me, will just be a fresh installation of Home Assistant. Fortunately, putting back the devices in my network that I want to keep won’t be too much trouble.

What’s very unfortunate is the MQTT Auto Discovery populates the broker with retained topic messages. Discovering and Removing several hundred topics from the MQTT broker is going to take some work!

I’m working on a script to do just this and will post it if it works for me.

I have rebuilt the OpenMQTT Gateway software with Auto Discovery OFF.
Personally, I’d suggest the authors switch it off as the default. :slight_smile:

With MQTT explorer you can remove all the topics with one click

From v1.5.0 auto discovery goes off per default after 30 minutes

Does it restart On after a reboot? My LilyGo wouldn’t stay alive for more than a day. I had Home Assistant restarting it when it became unresponsive.

Those SkyLink motion sensors were my undoing… I probably had over 100 appear when I was away on vacation. :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to delete all of the retained topics because I have 50 or more in there that I wanted to keep. I don’t mind blowing away Home Assistant because I think I made some mistakes in the initial setup. Only after running it for some time, have I decided on how I want to use it.

I use ZigbeeToMQTT for all of my sensors. Putting things back shouldn’t be too much hassle.