OMG bridge loses connection on Broker restart

For some reason, if I stop my broker and restart it, OMG wont reconnect ( v0.95 on hacked Sonoff bridge) . I have to disconnect/reconnect the Sonoff bridge for OMG to come back online. What is the intended behavior when broker connection is lost and can I configure/troubleshoot it in any way?



You let your broker stopped how long?

Only a few minutes;
Also have
Tasmota/Portisch on an identical Sonoff bridge,
and RTL_433 on a SDR dongle.
All reconnect except OMG on Sonoff…
A simple reset and it reconnects, could there be some “heartbeat” feature involved ?
Worst case is there a way to soft reset the unit remotely ; I’ve seen such a command in your docs but only ESP compatible ?

You are using which modules with the direct mod ?

Using Pilight ( v0.95 on hacked Sonoff bridge)

You are not alone:

Is it possible to try this branch please?

Thx for the reply, will try to find some time to reflash and report back.

Btw is this command available on the OMG sonoff bridge/pilight combo as it would be easy for me to automate it as a last resort:

" . I had to send a {"cmd":"restart"} to the home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoSYS/config topic to get the Pilight readings coming through again.