Omg config with


I really would like to use feeds on testing stage.

But I do not know how to configure it :frowning:

I had 2 problems, first was simpler I hope:

After the conn was established omg board wanted to publish to +/+/something topic. Adafruit blocked it. I have checked many combinations abour base topic and topic. It wouldnt helped.

Parts from serial monitor after last unsuccesfull config below

(tried http:// as a last resort, )

  "mqtt_server": "",
  "mqtt_port": "1883",
  "mqtt_user": "username",
  "mqtt_pass": "redacted-  IO_KEY from",
  "mqtt_topic": "username/feeds/",
  "gateway_name": "om",
  "mqtt_broker_secure": false,
  "mqtt_broker_cert": "",
  "mqtt_ss_index": 0,
  "ota_server_cert": "",
  "ota_pass": null


Sorry still in doubt


Thanks for bumping, I would suggest to contact for help, as I have never tried their platform.