OMG on Sonoff RF BridgeR2 433 Board V2.2 with Direct Hack

Hi guys need your advice!

I made hardware changes and installed RFLink32, everything works, but RFLink32 is very outdated and does not support the weather station I need.

The topic (RF2 Bridge) has already been raised in discussions, but I did not understand anything. Answer a couple of questions, please!

  1. I want to try OMG but I don’t understand what firmware I should install (download from releases)
  2. I need OMG to transmit data from the Oregon weather station (outdoor temperature sensor). Is support for weather stations included in the firmware you compiled and published?
  3. If I decide to build the firmware myself (platformio/VisualStudioCode), then which environment will suit me (environments.ini:[env:rfbridge-direct]) and should I choose weatherService ('-DZgatewayWeatherStation=“WeatherStation”) for support my Weather Station?

Thank you! I really look forward to your advice to boost my device!

Hi @maxin,

the answers to all your questions really depend on which Oregon weather station you have. If it is one of the ones supported by the rtl_433_esp module you won’t be able to receive it with the Sonoff RF Bridge, as dedicated CC1101 or SX127X transceivers are required to receive and decode these signals.

The easiest configuration for such a set-up would be a suggested Heltec or LILYGO board - that is if your weather station is one of the rtl_433_esp supported ones.

Yes. Oregon THN132N temperature sensor: The code base of RFLink and rtl_433_ESP are very similar, and the Oregon protocol parsers are generally taken from the same source (but reworked).

I looked at the build config and did not understand: RF, RF2, SNRB projects just accept raw signals and do not know how to transfer decoded data to MQTT for specific devices?

As far as I understand, this config will suit me?

platform = espressif8266@^2
board = esp8285
lib_deps =
build_flags =
board_build.flash_mode = dout
board_build.ldscript = eagle.flash.1m64.ld ;this frees more space for firmware uplad via OTA.
;extra_scripts = scripts/ ;uncomment this to compress the firmware. This helps updating e.g. Sonoff RF Bridge via OTA flash by saving space for the uploaded firmware.

I checked the source code and made sure that Pilight supports a small number of brands (compared to the Rtl_433 and RFLink projects) and Oregon devices are not supported.

Did I understand correctly?

Now, it remains to understand: does Rtl_433_ESP works on my Sonoff RF Bridge R2 433 (Direct GPIO)?

I really hope for your help!


Rtl_433 works only with an sx127X or cc1101 module, not with the RFBridge unfortunately.

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