Only code 8233378 showing in serieel monitor Arduino

hello everybody,

I started with recently with OpenMtt gateway in combination with HA.
I want to use it for the dutch Klik Aan Klik Uit (KAKU) devices.
I use a Arduino mega with a ethernet shield and installed the latest version on the arduino.
In the code I also adjust the configuration for the use of KAKU.
In HA I installed Mosquitto MQTT.
In the HA I put the entry in Switches with the code for the KAKU device.
And now comes the question :slight_smile:
When I trigger the switch the monitor shows me always the code 8233378 and not the code that 0000A64A0 from my switch config in HA.
No matter what I try, it’s always code 8233378.
The code 8233378 is also mentioned on this page about the use of KAKU:

So it’s looks like there is some test code in the source, I think.
My python is not that great to figure out this problem.

Hope someone can help.


for KAKU protocol you should take care on the UNIT value and payload value what do you see in your broker when you subscribe to all the topics
sudo mosquitto_sub -t +/# -v

and press your button

hi, thanks for the fast reply.
I am using Home assistent in a docker the HASSIO.
When I log in with ssh on the HASSIO container and execute youre command the message command not found showed.
I looked in the ZgatewayRF2 code and found the section with the 8233378 number with the if statement.
So I think that the code in HA is not correct, I send the wrong string?

The code I put in my switches yaml:

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “KaKuSwitch”
    state_topic: “home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT” # defined by subjectGTWRFtoMQTT in User_config.h
    command_topic: “home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoRF2/CODE_0000A64A01/UNIT_2/PERIOD_272”
    payload_on: “1”
    payload_off: “0”
    optimistic: false
    retain: true

How do I know what the UNIT code of the KAKU is?

You should subscribe to your broker by typing the command I gave previously and you should see the message corresponding to your remote control button.

sorry, I am new with MQTT.
How do I subscribe to the broker?
If there is a good video or web page please let me know, then I will first learn more about this.

I am going to bed now, so don’t hurry with the reply :slight_smile:

Good night.

hello. When I run the command sudo mosquitto_sub -t +/# -v I get the message Error: Address not available

Hmm, you should search for a way to connect to your embeded broker. Maybe check on hass documentation.

@Bakko You can try MQTTLens, it is a Chrome add-on.
Connect it to your broker. Then you can easily subscribe to a topic.