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ONOFF LED on Pin15 - doesn't work with current dev version

I have a LED attached to Pin15 and I use it with ONOFF.
This worked fine before. I updated to the newest dev firmware and the LED now glows slightly, but I’m not able to turn it on and off any more.

And also it seems like when I use the ON/OFF command the module resets and opens a Hotspot.

I use a ESP32 module.

Hello, could you post the command published ?
Here is the docs :

Thanks, works again! Did not notice that it changed.

Used this topic before:


@1technophile I was a little too fast.

So I can control the LED again. The thing is the LED glows slightly when I plug in the OMG.

Just testet it with the older 0.9.2beta again. The LED glows a little but goes off automatically after a few seconds.
With the newest dev version it glows until I turn it off. Mind that the brightness of “LED turned on” and “glows” is not the same.

Is this a bug?

@1technophile Do you have a clue why it stays glowing? As I said it stopped glowing automatically before.

You get this behaviour on different pins also?

Did not try a different pin yet. The thing is the pin is (like) fixed for my because I use it on a custom pcb.

There must be some reason why it didn’t do this in former versions.