ONOFF LED on Pin15 - doesn't work with current dev version

I have a LED attached to Pin15 and I use it with ONOFF.
This worked fine before. I updated to the newest dev firmware and the LED now glows slightly, but I’m not able to turn it on and off any more.

And also it seems like when I use the ON/OFF command the module resets and opens a Hotspot.

I use a ESP32 module.

Hello, could you post the command published ?
Here is the docs :

Thanks, works again! Did not notice that it changed.

Used this topic before:


@1technophile I was a little too fast.

So I can control the LED again. The thing is the LED glows slightly when I plug in the OMG.

Just testet it with the older 0.9.2beta again. The LED glows a little but goes off automatically after a few seconds.
With the newest dev version it glows until I turn it off. Mind that the brightness of “LED turned on” and “glows” is not the same.

Is this a bug?

@1technophile Do you have a clue why it stays glowing? As I said it stopped glowing automatically before.

You get this behaviour on different pins also?

Did not try a different pin yet. The thing is the pin is (like) fixed for my because I use it on a custom pcb.

There must be some reason why it didn’t do this in former versions.

This is still an issue with the newest dev version. Glows until manually set to off.
Workes fine with the version from 20191021.