Opal (GE) Ice maker

I’m hoping to integrate my ice maker with Home Assistant using OMG. It uses BLE but I’m an absolute noob when it comes to OMG and BLE and don’t know where to begin.

Do you want to read status, control or both?

Both would be great. I have OMG already setup on an ESP32 working with my MQTT broker and it shows up in home assistant. Where do I go from here?

About reading, you can check the raw data sent by the device by connecting to the MQTT broker.
I advise using MQTT explorer, spot the messages from the device along with the expected value in the app and post it here.
For example:


And connect the app and post what it display:
Quantity:3 gallons

I don’t see any MQTT messages from the ice maker by using its app. All I see are a bunch of iBeacon messages, but nothing with the mac address of the ice maker. If I use an app called nRF Connect, I can connect using bluetooth and read info from the ice maker. In my previous message above, when I say “it shows up in home assistant”, I mean OMG shows up (along with 80+ iBeacon sensors).

And before connecting to it could you share what you are seeing (like below)

I found this github repo that has some info on the opal ice maker and using his software with an ESP32 and Home Assistant.

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@1technophile does my screenshot above help? Or does that repo help at all? I’d still like to use OMG.

With OMG you can read and write those bluetooth commands, see here

You can use MQTT explorer and see if you can use the commands given in the repo to get a state or control the device.

If you get it working we can work on an integration.

Looks like I have to be paired in order to read/write values. Is there a way to do that in OMG?

Not paired but connected, if you enter the good combination of service and characteristic, OMG will connect and read automaticaly.