OpenHab3 with TheengsGateway


I’m trying to use TheengsGateway with OpenHAB on a Raspberry Pi following this tutorial:

As I want to use TheengsGateway and not OMG on an ESP32, I skipped that part. I don’t know what that " Configure OpenMQTTGateway from the web portal" should be for, I assumed it should be part of thar ESP32 part.

My BLE Device (ATC_E45B09, Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor) is discovered but stays in status “unknown”. What does that mean? What might have gone wrong? The MQTT Broker is “online”.

18:24:55.322 [WARN ] [tt.generic.ChannelStateTransformation] - Executing the JINJA-transformation failed: An error occurred while transformation. UnknownTokenException: Unknown token found: value_json.tempc | is_defined

Hi @rkleee,

Good question. You need to add to the gateway command the following parameter:
--hass_discovery 0

This will tell Theengs Gateway to remove some specificities from the discovery incompatible with OpenHAB3, which trigger the error you are seeing.

After, you should be able to continue the tutorial from the step below:

Adding the things

  1. From the Administration click on “Things” under “Settings”, you should see a number in the INBOX button