OpenMQTTGateway 1.6.0 does not compile on arduino 1.8.19 for MEGA or ESP32 Wemos lolin

First I changes #include to #include <string.h>

than I got
declaration of template parameter ‘T’ shadows template parameter

How to go from here?

First line was copied wrong.
Must be:
changed #include <.string.> to #include <.string.h.>

Google tells me I am not the only one with this problem.
Can anyone please help me?

I would advise to use PlatformIO or Gitpod

Arduino IDE is quite difficult to manage with all the library dependencies

Thank you for your reaction, 1technophile.
I don´t want to change environment just for one package.
And I am really afraid for a vendor lock-in!

Not sure what do you mean by vendor lockin.

So project is broken and does not work with arduino ide any more?

No, it is just that it is far easier to use platformio than Arduino IDE

This is maybe something what need to take account in documentation. I use 6 hours to try figure this out. Finally I find this thread and try with platformio and it compided indeed.

I try with 2 computers with arduino ide and old “arduino” (java ide) and none of those work with this. New arduino ide wont show error. It just stuck at compilation (probably compilation ends to error but it does not regonize it). Old java ide will show error
declaration of template parameter ‘T’ shadows template parameter
Before that in code there is
template <typename T> // Declared here to avoid pre-compilation issue (missing "template" in auto declaration by pio)
so clearly this is some how known issue but not fixed properly.

Thank you for your work, Burner.
I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and the Arduino version available there Arduino ide 1.8.19.
(and I don’t want to use software from the big 5). PlatformIo is based on Visual Studio. ( The [Microsoft Visual Studio (Free)] is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft.)
BTW I already composed the software I needed.

Platformio is an addon of Visual Studio Code which is an open source project different from Visual Studio. Nevertheless it is also lead by Microsoft.

Which arduino esp32 framework version were you using ?

First I try with “some”, I dont know versin what it was. Then I upgrade it to esp32 by espressif 2.0.10. I also try install m5stack by m5stack 2.0.7 and use that without luck.