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OpenMQTTGateway and Arduino IoT Cloud

Is there any possibility of connecting OMG with Arduino IoT Cloud Server, because now it permits using third party devices like ESP8266 and ESP32.
I am using Reyax server and OMG, it works fine, but Arduino Cloud Server requires, Things ID and Device ID and Secret Key in place of Server IP, MQTT User ID and password to login. This may be a food for thought to experienced hackers. Waiting for the good news with best wishes.


Is there any particular reason for using Arduino IoT cloud rather than other ones for my info?

Dear Mr. Florian,
I like Arduino because of their range of peripherals and 1000s of supported libraries to use them.
Their cloud system that works with Alexa Skill, generates sample sketches for our device based on Dashboard requirements.
I like OMG because it covers all popular communication protocols and devices to interact via WiFi.
Now that Arduino supports my other favorite ESP family too.

Next best thing to happen is, OMG works with Arduino Cloud, nothing like it to a hobbyist community like me.
Then no communication protocol limitation because of OMG and no hardware limitation because of Arduino cloud and ESP.
We also get Sample sketches to adapt and improve upon.
Please think about it.
Best regards.