OpenMQTTGateway BLE on Windows, Raspberry Pi or Apple MAC!

From a long time it was asked if OpenMQTTGateway could run on a Raspberry Pi.

With the externalization of the part of OMG BLE code into Theengs Decoder and the multi-platform compatibility of the library, the doors were wide open to it.

By integrating Theengs Decoder into a Python script we made a multi-platform BLE to MQTT gateway that can run on a Raspberry Pi, Unix, Windows, MAC, and many more.

So now if you have a server with a BLE component you can retrieve decoded BLE sensors data and publish those to MQTT.

Cherry on the cake, TheengsGateway use the same API as OpenMQTTGateway, so it will act in concert with your existing ESP based OpenMQTTGateway.
If you use auto-discovery with OMG the sensors data will be automatically retrieved from TheengsGateway also!

If you have Python and Pip this is as simple as one command:
pip3 install TheengsGateway

Full documentation can be found below: