OpenMQTTGateway V0.9.3 released

Here is the new version of OMG! With the following enhancements and modifications:


  • Set gateway name and base topic by wifi manager
  • Publish gateway HA discovery message once with retain flag
  • Add network advanced setup macro (no need anymore to modify the code)
  • Wifi automatic reconnection improvments for ESP32


  • Add M5stack, M5stick-c and M5stick boards into platformio.ini
  • Add Vegtrug (Mi Flora like) BLE sensor
  • Add of cleargrass temperature, humidity and air pressure BLE sensor
  • Add Xiaomi MiLamp Night led on BLE gateway
  • Add Mi band steps reading
  • Add Unit of Measurement for MiFlora Fertility and Fix MiJia BT thanks to @kanttti
  • Add Ble Xiaomi scales compatibility
  • Implement minimum rssi filtering for BLE devices


  • Make ON OFF actuator more flexible (set the pin into json payload)
  • ESP IR library update
  • Add support for HC-SR04 sensor thanks to @mpember
  • Name of the wifi AP is now the gateway name
  • Vuepress powered documentation
  • Avoid spam of buffer message in hcsr501 thanks to @chesterbr
  • Continuous integration improvments